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What is SEO why it is Important ?

What is search Engine optimization and why we use it?
Two kind of Search result
  • ·         Organic
  • ·         Paid
We are talking about organic Search result. Because of this is free, if you want to spend money you have to choice paid search result.
What is SEO?
SEO - search engine optimization. Is a technique to find out absolute search result from such kind of website (Google, msn, yahoo, bing ).
To improve and increase page visitor SEO is the major tools.
Example: If we want to download a song that is what we usually does it in Google search by typing in the line of the song. After press search button you will see some web link to find the song.  Now the question in your mind some page come up first page and some page come up back page why ?
Surely those first page sites have something special to come up top of page. That is the important of SEO?
Normally SEO is 2 types 
  • On Page Seo
  • Off page seo

On Page Seo: Simply said, what you are saying about your website.
Off page SEO: What
others are saying about your website?

Why we use it?
Suppose you have a cell phone site which is currently #9 at the position. If you want someone write in search engine “cell phone market “then its will # 1 position.
Make good planning before start SEO.

For this reason, right SEO planning is very important to choose the right keyword.
You can’t get your desired results if the keyword selection is not right.
So if you do not know what people are looking for, then you do not meet their needs.