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How to install Git in linux machine and link with NetBeans IDE

[root@db-tom ~]#  yum install git
[root@db-tom ~]#  mkdir -p /home/netizen/git/project
[root@db-tom ~]#  cd /home/netizen/git/project
[root@db-tom ~]#  git config --global "root"
[root@db-tom ~]#  git config --global
[root@db-tom ~]#  git --bare init  [Inside /home/netizen/git/project directory, run this command]

root@ip:/home/netizen/git/project  [Netbeans repo path and password is server password]

Now play with Git & NetBeans

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  1. Thanks bud! It really helped me, I had no idea of How to install Git in linux machine. Very quick and clear.


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